Fees and Policies

Meal Fees

New Covenant Christian School offers healthy meals every school day. Our Letter to Parents for School Meal Programs explains eligibility guidelines for school meals.

School Wellness Policy 

At our school students are taught healthy eating and physical activity knowledge, skills, and values. We are committed to creating a healthy school environment that supports student achievement. Learn more about our school food practices and policies here.

Anti-Shaming  Policy

Our school offers breakfast, lunch, and snack to all students. Visit the school office to determine your child’s meal benefits for the school year. Our Anti-Shaming Policy outlines our fair practices in administering breakfast, lunch and snack to our students during meal times.

Food Allergy Policy

In order to ensure that children with allergies are adequately protected,parents/guardians must provide written medical documentation, as directed by a physician, that states the child’s allergy. The Food Allergy Action Plan lists specific instructions and medications to administer in case of an emergency.In addition to a physician’s note,parents/guardians must complete the Food Allergy Action Plan and submit it to the school office.


View the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement here.