Admission Procedure


  1. Submit a completed application with a non-refundable fee of $75.00 for Pre-Kindergarten 3 (K3), Kindergarten (K5), and grade-school levels (1st – 12th grade). For Grades 1 – 12, the previous report cards and standardized examination scores are also required.
  2. If the student’s G.P.A. or average grade is below 80% (B), the Dean or Principal will conduct testing and/or evaluation of your child and interview you.
  3. The School Administration will notify you of its admission decision within two weeks after completing all testing and evaluation.
  4. Once accepted, you must submit a current medical history form for your child.  You must also submit a copy of your child’s current immunization card, proof of his or her age (e.g. birth certificate, passport, etc.), and proof of address (e.g. lease/mortgage statement, utility bill, cable bill, etc.). A copy of Social Security card and passport size photo is also needed for high school applicants.
  5. When you submit the final documentation, you must also pay the full annual fee and sign the NCCS financial contract.


Immunization Requirement for 2018-2019 School year

Letter to Parents Re School Meals- 18-19


Trouser: Solid Navy Blue Skirt/ Jumper: Solid Navy Blue with Four Pleats
Sweater: Solid Navy Blue with School Emblem Sweater: Solid Navy Blue with school emblem
Shirt: Solid White, button-down (not a Polo-Shirt) Blouse: Solid White button-down with Peter Pan collar
Neck Tie: Solid Maroon Neck Tie: Solid Maroon
Stockings: Solid White or Solid Navy Blue only
Shoes for all students: Solid black or solid dark blue dress shoes

* “Solid” means that the item of clothing must not contain designs or patterns. *

GYM UNIFORM- Only the NCCS gym uniform may be worn during physical education.