NCCS has a core of well educated, well qualified, international and multi-cultural staff, who are committed to helping students achieve their goals, reach their potentials, and deal with any problems that may arise in the process. Our staff is also available to discuss issues of concern and interest with students and to provide the necessary guidance counseling.

The staffing pattern of New Covenant follows the educational goal of our school. Each faculty member is a mentor of our students and an academic expert in his or her field. Faculty and staff members are engaged based on the need of each department. In New Covenant, each departments needs a specialist in the major subject usually a teacher with a Master degree and experience. Other supporting teachers must have a minimum of a bachelor degree plus experience. Presently, we have the following departments and staff qualifications:

• Mathematics & Computer Science- Two (2) Master degree teachers

• Sciences- Two (2) Master degree teachers

• Language Arts- One (1) Master degree teacher & One (1) Bachelor degree

• Social Sciences & Occupation – One (1) Master degree teacher & One (1) Bachelor degree teacher

• Theology and Ethics – One (1) Master degree teacher & Two (2) Bachelor degree with ordination credentials

• Physical Education/Fine Art – One (1) Bachelor degree with experience