High School

New Covenant Christian High School was founded in 1995 as an extension of the New Covenant elementary and intermediate educational program offered to the Bronx community by the New Covenant Christian Church since 1985. The educational program of the Church was the vision of our leader Bishop Joseph A. Alexander who foresaw a Christian School program with academic excellence in the Bronx.

The School started in the fall of 1985 with twenty-five (25) students and their parents. That fall, three (3) classrooms in the lower level of a small church were dedicated to the training of children in a God honoring environment. Each year, the numbers of students continue to grow and space to accommodate them also presented a challenge.

In the fall of 1990, an educational complex with fourteen standard classrooms, an auditorium, gym/cafeteria and supporting offices were dedicated for continuing advancement of the educational ideal that was in the original vision. The School continued to graduate students in grades five (5) and eight (8) for nine years.

A clear record showed that one hundred percent of New Covenant graduates completed High School and 98% went to College. It was clear evidence that the educational philosophy of New Covenant was working. The establishment of the High School Division in 1995 was therefore, to complete a work well done at the most crucial level.

Guidance & Counseling
All students of New Covenant are under a mentor who provides academic, character, and spiritual guidance continually. Our counselors expertly advise each student in the selection of colleges and universities. Based on our current statistics, 100% of graduating students will enter college with high academic standing

The Campus of New Covenant
The campus seats on 86,00 square feet of land that contains ten solid classrooms, a computer lab, science laboratory, and a library. A modern kitchen and lunchroom to cater student’s meal, and music chamber and series of offices for the school administration. In addition, it has a multipurpose court for physical activities, such as tennis, basketball, volleyball and other floor based sports. Also, a 2,000+ seating sanctuary and chapels are available for student’s spiritual development.

Academic Program
The School is a college preparation environment. Most of our students are enrolled from Intermediate level. A small number are admitted after ninth grade upon a successful testing. Students who are not interested in attending college are not encouraged to register. A full course offering is available in the admissions office.

The following clubs are only in effect at the High School Campus. For more information about these clubs, please click on the link below.

Journalism Club Current Affairs/Debating Club
Environmental Club Band & Choir Club
Dramatic Club and Math & Science Club

Accomplishments/Works In Progress
1- Spiritual Retreat – 3 days at Camp Deer Park

2- Washington D.C. – Visited Howard University, White House, Lincoln Memorial

3- Jeopardy Contests – Academic Enrichment in all Subject Areas

4- Debate Contests – Academic Enrichment in Current World Events

5- Science Fair –

6- Great Wolf Lodge Pocono’s, PA – End of year school trip

7- Youth Football Camp

8- Fund Raising – Bake Sales, Candy Sales, Academic Trips

9- Science Lab – Dissecting of a frog, pig and experiments

10- Computer Lab – State of the art

11- Call Me Mister – Program for African-American males – Address critical shortage of Teachers

12- Bp Scholarship Program

13- www.anycollege.com – Search 5,500 colleges. Search by State, Major, School Affiliation or Athletics

14- Summer 2009 White House Internship

15- Black and Male in America – List of 51 Scholarships being offered for our young and gifted students

16- Summer Youth Employment Applications

17- Six Flags Read to Succeed – Six Hour Reading Club

18- St. John’s University Campus – Visited University to learn about College Life

19- Colleges our students have been accepted to: Nyack College, University of Hartford, Seton Hall University, St. John’s University, Mercy College, Lehman College, Bronx Community College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, The Kings College, Medgar Evers College

Some Scholarships Available to Our Students
1- 2009 Series Scholarships for Academic Excellence – 1 – $1,500.00

2- 2009 Series Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program Competition – 2 – $1,500.00

3- KFC Colonel’s Scholars $20,000.00

4- Toyota Community Scholars – 1 – $10,000.00 or $20,000.00

5- The Japan Center at Stony Brook – 1st $2000 – 2nd $1000 – 3rd $500, $100, Cameras.

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