New Covenant Christian School



The School started in the fall of 1985 with twenty-five (25) students and their parents in line with the vision of Dr. Joseph Alexander to create a God-honoring learning environment for children. That fall, three (3) classrooms in the lower level of a small church were dedicated to the Christ-centered education. Each year thereafter, the numbers of students continued to grow and space to accommodate them also presented a challenge.

In the fall of 1990, an educational complex (now known as the Northeast Campus) with fourteen standard classrooms, an auditorium, gym/cafeteria, and supporting offices was built and dedicated to the Lord dedicated for continuing advancement of the educational ideals of the original vision. The School at that time went up to grade 8.

The High School Division was established in 1995 to complete a work well done at the most crucial level. A clear record showed that one hundred percent of New Covenant graduates completed High School and 98% went to College. It was clear evidence that the educational philosophy of New Covenant was working.


Christian (Non-Denominational)

Mrs. Verna Blake, Principal

Click here to read Mrs. Blake’s biography.

Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12

3 – 18

15 Students

Formal (available at most school uniform stores)

  • For boys: navy blue pants, white dress shirt, maroon neck tie, black or dark blue dress shoes
  • For girls: navy blue skirt or jumper (two inches below the knee); white dress shirt, maroon neck tie; black or dark blue dress shoes
  • Gym uniform: the official NCCS gym uniform must be purchased from the school. Contact the campus for additional information


1497 Needham Avenue
Bronx, NY 10469

(718) 519-8884

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