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The South Campus of NCCS was opened in 2001 as an extension of the educational outreach of New Covenant Christian Ministries Worldwide to the South Bronx. It functions as our Early Childhood Center. At this location, we offer two free pre-kindergarten programs in partnership with the City of New York as a community-based organization. The programs are the 3K For All (for 3-year olds) and the Pre-K for all (for 4-year olds).

The goals and the objectives of our pre-K programs are to facilitate a smooth transition to kindergarten and elementary grades, by equipping young students with cognitive, physical, social, emotional and linguistic skills needed for success in school-based programs. Lessons always include activities that are language and print rich, utilizing cultural, musical and environmental-based themes that are relevant to the personal experiences of the students participating in the program.

Our teachers offer students an environment that promotes and encourages critical thinking skills and exploration, through group and individual work and play opportunities. Utilizing activities that are hands-on, inquiry-based, and cognitively challenging, students will be able to engage in all activities at their own developmental levels.


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Christian (Non-Denominational)

Mrs. Marcia Mark, Principal

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3 – 4

12 Students

Formal (available at most school uniform stores)

  • For boys: navy blue pants, white dress shirt, maroon neck tie, black or dark blue dress shoes
  • For girls: navy blue skirt or jumper (two inches below the knee); white dress shirt, maroon neck tie; black or dark blue dress shoes
  • Gym uniform: the official NCCS gym uniform must be purchased from the school. Contact the campus for additional information


1179 Boston Road
Bronx, NY 10456

(718) 328-6072 ext. 112

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